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  • ROC the Day 2020
    Click here to ROC the Day with us on December 1st to make a donation which will help the animals in our care find forever homes.We are a team of volunteers in Rochester, NY rescuing animals in need of loving homes. Your donations help us cover many expenses.All dogs brought into our rescue are placed […]
  • Bob Johnson Auto Group Dog Days of Summer
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  • Puppy Mill Rescue
    This beautiful boy joined us from a puppy mill after he was deemed ‘unsellable’ due to a grade 4 heart murmur. We are looking at getting him in to Cornell for a full work up and hopefully find and repair the problem. We have many dogs that need extra help and care. Please considering helping […]
  • Fast & Furious 2019
    Meet us on June 1st at the Verona Street Animal Society's 13th annual Fast & Furious event. This is an entire family event..... INCLUDING the furry family members. The post Fast & Furious 2019 appeared first on New 2 U Rescue.
  • Hope
    Rescuing animals is tough work.  You need a strong heart and soul to keep going, but the reward is knowing that you’ve saved innocent animals from lives that no one would wish on their worst enemy.  Some days are even harder than others.  On December 30th New 2U Rescue picked up a 2 year old […]
  • Goldendoodle Rescue Rochester NY- Clover
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  • Rescued Cattle Dog, Rochester, NY – Trixie
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  • New Rescue Dogs
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The Holidays Are Upon Us

The holidays are almost here, and you’ll want your pets to look good so your friends and relatives will want to spoil them during the seasons gatherings!  Make sure to schedule your appointment early so you don’t miss out, we book up very fast this time of year.  Don’t forget your kitties want to be spoiled too!  Ask about our Spa packages also, we have a lot of options available as add-0n’s.

Make your holiday shopping list easier by giving Gift certificates to Clip-n-Cuddle Grooming Salon, your co-workers will love them too!

Have you heard about our refer a new friend program?  You’ll receive $5.00 off each time someone mentions your name when they book their first appointment.

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How Often Should I Groom My Pet

We are asked all the time how often should your dog be groomed?  The short answer is, it depends on your dog.  Breed, hair type, and activity level.  Shorter coated dogs typically can go longer in between visits, while long-haired dogs need it more often so there fur does not get matted. Also, regardless of coat length or thickness, dogs with allergies should be bathed more often as well.  Brushing your pet is just as important, and should be done at least once a week to minimize shedding or more if your dog happens to be a heavy shedder.

When in doubt, always talk to your groomer, they will be able to tell you how often you need to bring them in.

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Winter is here

Winter is here and you and your pets get dry with the heat on. Bring your pet to the spa at Clip n Cuddle Grooming in Webster, NY and get a spa treatment with a facial. It is very soothing this time of year and a nice day out for your pet.

Schedule an appointment today 585.872.1350


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